The study of the art, the exploration of the design and the discovery of new insights results in unique pieces. Exclusive creations resulting from a perfect alchemy between the form and the function, the aesthetics and the craftsman technique. 

values of a Roig piece



Roig's designs always start from a common point: functional art. Each piece is designed and created in the form of art and at the same time acts as a functional element.



Each marble table is a unique and unrepeatable raw canvas that has taken 65 million years to form. Roig transforms this exclusive and noble natural material into elegant thousand-year-old design pieces, where no one piece is the same as another.



The development of the design and elaboration of each project is carried out individually entirely in Roig´s studio and workshop. Each model is elaborated, assembled and finished by master artisans, thus ensuring an unrepeatable and high quality piece where every detail, however small, has been meticulously cared for. 

custom pieces and projects

Roig offers bespoke design arrangements and, in particular, a customized projects service. Simply explain your idea and our study will be happy to help you make it happen.

We are ready to craft the most demanding wishes into your own masterpiece, supported by haute craftsmanship and passion for innovation.

 Roig Art Design ™